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Hatton Consulting & Design has been in business since 2000 and was founded by David L. Hatton.  We are an independent computer consultant company that offers the ability to travel to the work or a more cost effective telecommuting option.  Our primary area of service is East Tennessee.

David L. Hatton has been in the computer industry as a programmer and manager since 1990 with experience in all aspects of programming and hardware.  David specializes in IBM AS/400 RPG Programming and Bar Coding.  He has multiple years of experience in the fields of Manufacturing, Sales, Planning, and Accounting.

Michelle R. Hatton has been with the company since 2001 with experience in Sales and Retail.  Michelle specializes in Design, Sales, and Purchasing.  She has multiple years of experience in the fields of Customer Service, Hotel and Motel, and Design.

Contact us by phone or email for additional information.  We will be pleased to assist with your needs and provide a free quote. 


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